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Resurfacing Driveway Cork

A great cost cutting feature for replacing a driveway is when you simply resurface your driveway in Cork. If your existing base is in good condition along with the older driveway, why not simply get Excel Driveways to apply a new surface directly on top of the old driveway.

If the original base is in good condition but the driveway itself has some weakness or drips, we can cut out the small sections and repair them before applying a new surface to the driveway.

The process of resurfacing a driveway is very simple where a taco bonding agent is applied to the existing surface and the new surface is applied on it leaving you with a like new tarmac driveway in Cork.

The only added option which we recommend is the chipping out of the perimeter bordering which allows us to bed in the new surface back at the same level as the old one so you do not have any bumps or level alterations on your driveway.

Call Excel Driveways today in Cork to schedule a free quote for driveway resurfacing in Cork. We look forward to hearing from you.