Tar and Chip Driveways

Tar and Chip Driveways

Are you interested in getting a tar and chip driveway in Cork? Why not call Excel Driveways to get a free no obligation quote from the experts at laying hot tar and bitumen driveways at amazing prices throughout County Cork.

Tar and chip driveways provide an excellent value option for customers looking to either apply a surface over an existing solid base or on top of a base foundation.

The process is quite simple but it does require the correct machinery and experience at laying it otherwise, it can easily unravel at an early stage.

We firstly on base foundation installations will always grade off the driveway using our digger, this ensures a solid and level finish for the new application. We also ensure there are no weak spots or potholes.

If its on top of an existing surface, we will always clean that surface off ensuring no debris or weeds are left on on it. This ensures a good bonding between the old and the new.

We will then apply a hot bitumen to the surface. Sometimes depending on the area, we might apply two coats or even three coats. This will depend on the type of surface and what we feel will give the best performance. This is done in consultation with our engineers.

A chip of your choosing will then be applied over the hot tar. This needs to be done whilst the bitumen is still piping hot to ensure it bonds in with the chip.

Once we have applied a couple of layers of chip which again depends on how much tar was applied, we will machine power roll the chip into the driveway.

At this stage, the new driveway is good to be used, however, you might still have some loose chips which will fade off over time leaving you with a nice solid new driveway.

Why not call the team at Excel Driveways today to schedule a free no obligation estimate on a tar and chip driveway in Cork. We would love to talk to you.

Why Choose Excel Driveways For Tar and Chip Driveways

  • Outstanding reputation throughout County Cork for building durable and long lasting driveways
  • VAT registered contractors
  • Over 30 years experience in the commercial and residential industry
  • We only use our own trained team which guarantees a quality finish on each project
  • Each job is backed by our installation guarantee to provide peace of mind.

What Choices Do Excel Provide For Tar Chip in Cork?

  • Excel offer a wide range of colour choices for hot tar and chip driveways
  • Excel can put in new drainage systems for your driveway to handle all the surface water to ensure no water pooling
  • Excel installs new kerbing, machine kerbing, edging, cobble stone borders and other unique features for tar and chip driveways in Cork