Block Paving Cork

Block Paving Cork

Are you looking for an installer to lay down block paving in Cork? Call Excel Driveways today to schedule a visit from our expert block pavers.

We are specialists at block paving with over 30 years experience in the paving industry. Experience that matters when it comes to ensuring you get a long lasting and durable block paving installation in Cork.

Block paving is available in a wide variety of colours with options ranging from natural grey to charcoal, brindle colours to autumn mix. We source our block paving from Roadstone who are based in Cork and Kilsaran.

How We Install Block Paving in Cork

  • Firstly, if it is a driveway replacement, we will remove the old driveway. If its a new area, we will always excavate the area to ensure we can insert sufficient base foundation
  • The base foundation is inserted at a minimum of 6 inches to ensure enough of a permeable base to allow water to drain naturally down through the driveway
  • At this stage, we would generally insert a drainage system if it is needed to handle any excess surface water. We recommend channel drains for block paving as it traps the water very effectively
  • Once drainage is in, we would machine power roll the foundation to ensure no movement can occur on your driveway. Subsidence can be an issue so we always use a 10 tonne machine on new areas that have not previously been used as a driveway
  • Edging kerbs and steps are normally built at this stage which are always set in concrete to ensure no movement
  • Membrane sheeting is applied over the rest of the driveway to provide a clean divide between bases and to help prevent weed growth
  • Sand is applied on top of the membrane which is set to accurate levels for laying the block paving
  • The block paving is laid on top of this using a string line which is set off the angle of the house to ensure it stays square to the house
  • Block paving is cut using a diamond blade saw
  • The finished surface gets silver sand brushed in as a jointing agent to help lock the paving in place
  • The compaction of the block paving occurs now and once finished the joints are topped up with more silver sand

If you are interested in block paving in Cork, give our expert paving contractors a call today to discuss it. Offering very affordable prices whilst still providing the best block paving services in Cork!

Why Choose Excel Driveways For Paving Your Driveway

  • Outstanding reputation throughout County Cork for building durable and long lasting driveways
  • VAT registered contractors
  • Over 30 years experience in the commercial and residential industry
  • We only use our own trained team which guarantees a quality finish on each project
  • Each job is backed by our installation guarantee to provide peace of mind.

What Choices Do Excel Provide For Paving in Cork?

  • Excel driveways can lay down block paving on driveways, patios and gardens throughout County Cork
  • Excel can put in new drainage systems for your driveway to handle all the surface water to ensure no water pooling
  • Excel installs new kerbing, machine kerbing, edging, cobblestone borders and other unique features for your driveway paving in Cork