Permeable Gravel Driveways

When you have a driveway that suffers from heavy flooding, we always recommend a permeable driveway in Cork. When it installed correctly, it can solve a lot of the problems that come with flooding at your home.

Here at Excel Driveways, we approach the installation of a permeable driveway with precision.

This starts from the base up where we use a mix of different layers of stone from rubble to crushed concrete and to a crushed stone finish. This ensures the water can easily penetrate the base and drain off the surface.

To achieve this, we will always dig out a significant proportion of the base, generally upto 15 inches. To further enhance this process, if we feel that your driveway is located on an area that is low on the table, we will insert perforated land drainage pipes into the lower end of the base.

This extra addition can drain the water off to any location we choose and provides a backup in case the newly created base is still backfilling too fast with water.

Once the base has been setup correctly, we will insert a heavy duty weed control membrane over the entire area to ensure a clean separate of gravel and base. This also prevents weed growth which can be difficult on larger driveways.

The gravel stone driveway is laid down over the entire area with its depth depending on the type of stone aggregate you have chosen. We recommend kerbing in or edging the gravel to ensure it stays boxed into the driveway.

All of these options and more we can discuss with you when providing you with a free quote for a permeable driveway in Cork. Head over our contact page to schedule a free quote today.

Why Choose Excel Driveways For Gravelling Your Driveway

  • Outstanding reputation throughout County Cork for building durable and long lasting driveways
  • VAT registered contractors
  • Over 30 years experience in the commercial and residential industry
  • We only use our own trained team which guarantees a quality finish on each project
  • Each job is backed by our installation guarantee to provide peace of mind.

What Choices Do Excel Provide For Gravel in Cork?

  • We use only quality sourced gravel aggregate stone for our driveway installations
  • Excel can put in new underground perforated drainage for your driveway to handle all the surface water
  • Excel installs new kerbing, machine kerbing, edging, cobble stone borders and other unique features for creating bespoke gravel driveways in Cork