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Cobble Stone Paving

Cobblestone driveways are an excellent option for a new driveway, patio or pathway for any traditionally styled house. It can be laid using various patterns and design choices to create an amazing entrance to your home. Available as manufactured concrete products from Kilsaran and Roadstone, laid using 1, 2 or 3 different sizes.

Cobblelock Paving

Cobblestone driveways are commonly referred to as cobblelock paving in Ireland. They are the same product but is a playoff the old term for paving which was interlocking, the cobblestones lock together and hence the term cobble lock.

This style is available in multiple colours with either a smooth or tumbled finish to the cobblestones.

There is also a natural stone option that can be laid in a staggered, offset pattern or fan. This type of cobblestone is laid on a mortar bed as the natural granite stone cobbles require individuals to laying off a string line to ensure the correct levels for directing the surface water off the cobble lock paving.

Options include:

  • Cobblelock paving
  • Cobblestone driveways
  • Cobble aprons
  • Cobble lock paths
  • and much more….

Natural cobble lock driveways are most commonly available in a natural grey or slate option. We can provide you with samples for either type of cobblestone driveway, but the natural option is more expensive. This is because the product itself is significantly more expensive, and the laying process is inherently more complicated, requiring extra time.

We provide customers with a widespread option to opt for cobblestones as a border to their patio or get a new tarmac driveway in Cork. Whatever your requirements are for a cobblestone driveway, or if you are looking at options, you can learn more by visiting our paving contractors in Cork or alternatively, you can call us to discuss it.